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About Your Bread Machine

At Your Bread Machine, we simply love fresh bread! There’s nothing better than the warm feeling you get from baking your own fresh, healthy bread for your family in a top-quality home bread maker. The texture, the smell, the taste — it’s out of this world!

As self-confessed carb lovers, we realized that there are hundreds of bread machines on the market today and that only a few of them really deliver on the promise of wonderful, tasty homemade bread.

We know that getting the right kitchen products for your kitchen is an important and personal task, and it can quickly become frustrating thanks to the myriad options out there that just don’t do the job well.

We made it our mission to help cooks and chefs choose the best, most suitable, and safe bread machines for their home or restaurant. As such, we began testing all the best bread machines for sale. Horizontal bread machines, vertical bread machines, bread machines big and small — we’ve tried them all!

Our team of researchers has chosen the leading, most popular bread machines from hundreds of manufacturers. We’ve put them through a grueling range of quality checks, we’ve checked feedback from other users, researched the reputation of the manufacturer, and ran extensive tests in our own kitchens.

To choose the best bread machines in the business, we consider the versatility of the bread machine, how simple it is to use, the display, the average baking time, the number of programmable options, whether it has a removable bread pan, alarms, running noise, efficiency, and of course the taste of the final product.

We’ve also compiled a number of handy articles on bread makers, buying a bread machine, and baking the most delicious bread around. Recipes, baking tips, and how to get the best out of your bread machine are all here.

We look forward to helping you choose the bread machine perfect for your kitchen.