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Our Sweet and Savory Bread Machine Cornbread Recipe

Our Sweet and Savory Bread Machine Cornbread Recipe
Our Sweet and Savory Bread Machine Cornbread Recipe

We all know the debate of southern cornbread versus northern cornbread. We’ve heard the arguments between those who use sugar to sweeten their cornbread and those who stick to more traditional cornbread that’s not sweetened.

There are several cornbread recipes and variations out there, each family making their own take on this savory bread. In fact, cornbread can be traced back to Native Americans, since corn was their biggest lasting crops.

Cornbread is a truly American dish, whether you’re from the south or up north.

So, we’ve decided to share our best sweet and savory cornbread recipe for a bread machine as well as our best tips for the baking cornbread so you can decide what tastes best to you.

Tips for Baking Cornbread in a Bread Machine

Before you start baking our yummy cornbread recipe, you should check out these tips and variations if you want to switch the taste up to surprise your taste buds.

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We hope these tips help you create the perfect cornbread, a cornbread that’s not too crumbly or too moist.

  • If your bread machine has a preheat cycle, don’t melt the butter before adding it to the pan. If you do, this will raise the temperature of the butter and mess with the cornbread rising.
  • Cornbread doesn’t stay fresh for long. In fact, if it’s not eaten the day it’s made, it can easily harden up. If you have extra cornbread that you don’t want to go to waste, you can put it in your freezer for up to 3 months. You can always warm it up in the microwave or oven later on.
  • Instead of freezing your cornbread, you can also make cornbread stuffing with your leftovers after the cornbread has gone a little stale. Crumble up your leftover cornbread and add some herbs, veggies, and other great ingredients you like in your stuffing. Cornbread stuffing tastes the best when you eat it with a turkey or chicken dinner.
  • If you want a healthier cornbread, try using whole wheat flour instead of all-purpose flour. You won’t even taste the difference when you’re digging into your cornbread.
  • Cornbread is meant to be crumbly but you don’t want it so crumbly that it falls to pieces when you pick it up. If your cornbread keeps turning out too crumbly, try to use more flour and less cornmeal. Too much cornmeal and too little flour doesn’t add enough gluten to hold the cornbread together.
  • Another helpful tip if your cornbread is too crumbly is to add 3/4 cup of your favorite shredded cheese to the cornbread mix. When the cheese melts, it helps hold the cornbread together. We love cornbread with gooey cheddar cheese in the middle.
  • If you want less of a corn taste in your cornbread, try using white cornmeal instead of the usual yellow cornmeal. Just make sure the white cornmeal is finely ground. Finely ground cornmeal works better for cornbread than the coarser kinds. It’s labeled as polenta in some grocery stores.
  • If you prefer more of a traditional corn taste to your cornbread, add 1 cup of frozen corn to your mix. Using corn not only gives it that old school corn taste but helps add moisture.
  • Another way to get that corn taste is to replace the buttermilk (or milk) with creamed corn.
  • Eggs make the cornbread moister and gives it similar texture to cake. If you prefer the normal cornbread texture, leave the eggs out of the mix.
  • Like a little tang in your cornbread? Add 1 tablespoon of sour cream. It tastes a lot better than it sounds!
  • You can use brown sugar and honey (or both). The sweetness complements the corn flavor in this baked treat.
  • Using buttermilk (like what’s suggested in our recipe) will make your cornbread extra moist.
  • If you’re celiac or allergic to gluten but love your cornbread, try substituting both the flour and cornmeal with gluten-free products.

Sweet and Savory Cornbread Recipe

Sweet and Savory Cornbread Recipe

This recipe is for a 1.5 pound bread machine.

  • 2 eggs
  • 1/4 cup buttermilk at room temperature (68*F-77*F)
  • 1/3 cup unsalted butter
  • 1 cup of cornmeal (also known as polenta)
  • 1 1/8 all-purpose flour
  • 3/4 cup of brown sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon of salt
  • 2 teaspoons of baking powder
  • First, lightly coat the bread pan with cooking spray so the cornbread is easy to remove from the pan when it’s done baking. You don’t want to fight with your cornbread and tear it to pieces.
  • Next, you need to melt the unsalted butter in either a saucepan or in the microwave. Once it’s melted, let the butter sit awhile until it’s cooled down and at room temperature.
  • In a bowl, beat the 2 eggs. Once the eggs are beaten, add the buttermilk and melted unsalted butter. Whisk all these ingredients together. Once they’re mixed, add the wet ingredients to your bread pan.
  • Now it’s time to add the cornmeal, all-purpose flour, brown sugar, salt, and baking powder in that exact order. You don’t have to mix the dry ingredients, the bread machine will do the mixing for you.
  • For some bread machines, you can simply select the “Quick Bread” option. If not, select the “Cake Cycle” for a 1.5 pound loaf and then select the “Light” setting for your crust. Now you can start the bread machine.
  • Once your cornbread is done baking, remove it from the bread machine right away. Let it cool down. Once it’s cooled down, serve your delicious cornbread in Mkono’s cutesy and nifty wire bread basket with a removable lining.
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Final Thoughts

Cornbread is an American favorite, whether you love the southern recipes or you love the northern recipes. This delightful cornbread goes with almost any dinner you make for your family. 

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