Must-Have Bread Baking Supplies for the Home Cook

Must-Have Bread Baking Supplies for the Home Cook
Must-Have Bread Baking Supplies for the Home Cook

It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice baker or you’ve been baking bread for decades, there are just some bread baking supplies that you must have in your kitchen. These special utensils and tools are made to help you bake the best bread and to make the entire process easier.

Since there are so many important must-have bread baking supplies for home cooks, we’ve decided to pick our top four go-to baking supplies that we always have in our kitchens.

These supplies are essential if you want to be the best baker you can be!


If you want the most accurate measurements for your baking ingredients, a scale is your best friend. With the right, you’ll never have to worry about adding too much water or not enough flour ever again. Measuring cups just don’t always get it right.

Etekcity Digital Kitchen Scale

A baking scale (also known as balancing or dough scale) is made specifically for bakers. Unlike your average kitchen scale, these ones are made to accurately weigh baking ingredient and usually have a higher weight capacity. They also come with baskets or bowls to help you measure ingredients and dough without any hassle.

Of course, if you’re baking at home, you won’t need a professional large baking scale (also called a catering scale) that businesses use. A nice standard balancing scale will work just fine for your kitchen.

Check out Etekcity’s Digital Multifunctional Scale with a removable bowl. This scale is made of stainless steel which makes it durable and sturdy because, after all, kitchen accidents do happen.

It promises (and delivers) precise measurements using an easy to read digital LCD display.

The best feature is that it has a temperature sensor to read the temperature of the ingredients you’re measuring!

Stand Mixer

Even if you use a bread machine, a stand mixer is nifty to have in your kitchen. If your bread machine goes down or you just want to bake old school, you won’t regret purchasing one of these mixers.

Cuisinart SM-50R Stand Mixer

Mixing dough can be tough, literally, and it can be sticky and messy. A stand mixer lessens the hard work for you and your hands.

Plus, they mix better than you could ever do by yourself ensuring every bit of flour and other ingredients are mixed in.

The more expensive brands include an attachable dough hook. A dough hook assists you in the long and difficult task of kneading dough.

Our favorite stand mixer is the Cuisinart SM-50R Stand Mixer. This affordable Cuisinart stand mixer has a super powerful 500-watt motor that meets all of your mixing needs.

There are 12 speeds to choose from. No matter your mixing needs, Cuisinart has your back.

This mixer includes a dough hook for kneading and a 5.5 quart steel bowl so you can make larger loaves of bread.

It even has a splash guard with a pour spout, so you’ll never have to worry about a messy kitchen covered in flour and bread dough.

Bench Knife/Dough Cutter

Bench knives are handy, cheap tools with many uses. As a bread baker, these knives are your go-to for almost everything.

OXO Good Grips Multi-purpose Stainless Steel Scraper & Chopper

Bench knives are most commonly used for cutting dough or creating portions of dough. These knives are meant to be dull which makes them perfect for cutting any type of dough without leaving marks on your kitchen counter.

Not only are they great for cutting dough but they’re also an easy-to-use bowl scraper. If the sides of your bowl are covered in flour that needs to be mixed with the rest of the ingredients, use a bench knife to just scrape it back in.

We prefer OXO’s Good Grips Multipurpose Stainless Steel Scraper and Chopper. This bench knife has a blade that’s made of high-quality stainless steel with quarter-inch markings so you can accurately measure how much dough you’re cutting.

The handle is super easy to grip and super comfortable. It’s also non-slip so you don’t have to worry about accidents.

Cooling Rack

No matter what you’re baking, you need a cooling rack. They are specifically designed to evenly cool bread or other baked goods.

Checkered Chef Cooling Racks for Baking

Air circulates through the rack so it hits (and cools) each side of your bread or bread pan evenly.

Plus, it reduces condensation while cooling. The steam that rises off your bread after it’s baked can create condensation that can settle in your bread and make it mushy and gross.

Lastly, it also stops you from putting hot pans on your nice kitchen counter so you won’t destroy it (depending on what your counter is made of).

We love the Checkered Chef cooling racks. This awesome set of two racks is made of stainless steel and is durable, sturdy, and high quality. They include a crossbar so the shape won’t warp after a few uses!

The size of the cooling racks measures 16.9 inches by 11.8 inches. They are designed with a pattern that’s spaced so your baked goods won’t fall through while still letting air circulate to cool them down.

Checkered Chef’s cooling racks are also dishwasher safe. You don’t have to wash them by hand. Save you some time and toss them in your dishwasher. There’s no need to worry about them rusting.

The Bottom Line

These tools and baking supplies are designed to make your life easier when you’re baking bread. It’s important to invest in the right high-quality equipment for your kitchen so you can worry more about the rest of the dinner instead of spending too much time on your bread.

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