Bread Dough Makers: The Fast, Easy, and Delicious Solution

Bread Dough Makers The Fast, Easy, and Delicious Solution
Bread Dough Makers The Fast, Easy, and Delicious Solution

Baking an amazing loaf of bread is hard. It’s a craft that a baker perfects after experimentation and experience. Baking in the oven is traditional and some of the professionals stick to it.

For the rest of us, there’s bread dough makers and bread machines that make baking a loaf of bread as easy as using your smart phone.

If you’re a newcomer to bread baking, a bread dough maker will be your best friend. If you’re a baker, but need to save yourself some time and hassle, a bread dough maker will also be a life saver.

So, we’re going to learn all about how one of these nifty machines work as well as what to look for when you’re shopping around for one.

How Does a Bread Dough Maker Work?

EZ DOH Bread Dough Maker

The intricacies of bread making is a long and difficult process, from kneading to fermentation and baking. Luckily, the intricacies of a bread dough maker are super easy.

So, how does a bread dough maker work?

  • Of course, no matter how you bake bread, you’ll need a bread pan. Each bread machine comes with one of these pans, it’s just slightly different than your average bread pan.
    At the bottom of one of these bread pans is an axel. When you place the pan in the bread machine, the axel connects to an electric motor. This motor is responsible for most of the work the machine does.
  • After placing the bread pan in the bread machine, you start to place the ingredients to your bread recipe into the pan.
    In almost every scenario and every machine, you need to add the wet ingredients into the pan first. The dry ingredients come next.
    Now, you can choose your bread setting and crust setting.
  • Each bread machine includes at least one kneading paddle. This paddle spins to knead the dough. An alternative to kneading is to use a stand mixer with an attachment for mixing the dough.
    Some of the higher quality machines have dual kneading paddles that ensure the dough is completely kneaded.
  • After the bread has risen quite a bit, the bread machine starts to proof the bread. Proofing is the final part of rising of the bread after it’s been shaped.
    During the proofing process, the bread is also going through fermentation.
  • Lastly, the bread begins to bake! Once it’s done, a timer will go off so you can remove the bread pan.
    Once the bread has cooled, you can start serving.
  • Since you’re ready to eat your loaves of bread, you need a handy and sharp bread knife to do its’ magic. Check out the Mercer Culinary Millennia 10-inch Bread Knife to easily slice your baked bread.
Mercer Culinary M23210 Millennia 10-Inch Wide Wavy Edge Bread Knife

What Should You Look for in a Bread Dough Maker

What Should You Look for in a Bread Dough Maker

Now that you’ve decided to buy a bread dough maker, you need to know the ins and outs of these machines.

If you want to buy the right bread machine for your needs, there are a few features you might want to check for.

The Programmable Settings

The programmable settings is the first feature to look into. What you need all depends on your specific needs for the type of bread you’re making. For example, if you’re doing gluten-free baking, you’ll want to look for a bread maker that can handle gluten-free products.

If you’re a new bread baker, you’re only going to need the basic bread baking settings. You’re not going to want a fancy machine with 20 settings. If you’re advanced, you might want to look at the higher priced models that have numerous bread baking options.

The Kneading Paddle

GLOGLOW Bread Maker Machine Paddle

The kneading paddle is what does the hardest work in a bread machine. Most bread machines have a single kneading paddle.

The higher priced machines have dual paddles which makes perfect dough almost every time.

You want to make sure the kneading paddle is removable. When a kneading paddle is left in a bread machine after it’s done with its’ job, there’s a few annoying things that can happen.

First, it will create ugly holes in your loaf of bread. It’ll still be edible but it won’t be eye pleasing. Second, it can get baked into the bread or stuck. This is a major pain and you have to ruin your bread to get the paddle out.

A Timer

A bread machine with a timer is very handy. Most machines will have a timer that counts down to when your bread is done baking and beeps when that time is up.

Even better, some of these timers can be set to notify you when it’s time to add extra ingredients or that it’s time to remove the kneading paddle.

A lot of brands are including a delayed timer in their machines. This delayed timer can be set before you head out to work and the bread will be done when you’re putting dinner on the table.

The Price

The Price

For most of us, the price is one of the first things we need to figure out. You need to know your budget and your baking needs.

The more settings and features a bread machine has, the more expensive it is.

 If you’re a newbie, a cheaper machine with the basic settings might be the right fit for you. It keeps you from breaking the bank when you’re first starting out.

The Brand

The brand you choose doesn’t necessarily have to be a big name brand. But you do want a brand with integrity and a good reputation.

Do research on the brands. Read reviews from customers to decide if it’s worth spending your money on one of their machines.

And don’t forget to check to see if the machine has a warranty!

Final Thoughts

The first time you use a bread dough maker, you’ll be amazed at the simplicity. It takes only a few steps from you to get started. We hope this guide helps you purchase a bread machine that’s everything you ever  needed.

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